Linda and Kel invite you to their beautiful purpose built retreat on the Hastings River in Port Macquarie.

Linda is a professional designer, artist and stylist and has been instrumental in the design and concept of Akuna Luxury Waterfront Retreat. Being an avid bird watcher and nature lover has inspired the design to showcase huge windows and luxurious open spaces that capture all the activities of the river and surrounds. Watercolour works from Linda’s collection are available to guests only.

Kel’s a Kiwi (gotta love a Kiwi) and a keen fisherman. He’s ready to show guests how to catch the best fish from Akuna’s private sandy beach. He’s pretty good at starting the camp fire and BBQ too.

From humble beginnings, inviting lovely young backpackers into their home, they are ready to extend their hospitality to you. Although your stay will be much shorter than their first travelling guests, you will be treated with the same warmth, care and consideration where every effort will be made to ensure your comfort, privacy and relaxation. A treasured memory for you to hold.


Wake up in paradise.

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040 0370 977 for booking enquiries

20 North Shore Drive, North Shore, NSW, 2444